markets and they head in what direction

This product – a raw material which is mined from the earth. There are many products that are traded on the open market and through Forex brokers, and retail brokerage firms. There are many examples of products with a & # 39 are; crude oil, coffee, metals, agriculture, wheat, soybeans, corn, copper and cotton. Usually […]

What you need to know about Forex Robots

Forex Robot – is a computer program that carries out trading Forex on your behalf. The program works on the basis of a set of trading signals that help it to determine whether to buy or sell the currency at a given time is necessary. If you are looking to automate forex trading, you should […]

Different types of Forex brokers

With so many forex brokers to choose from, it is definitely not an easy task to find the perfect broker forex trading that fits your style and trade preferences. As you may know, that foreign currency – this unregulated market, because it does not traded on the stock exchange, which means that the prices you […]

Forex Tools Forex

The old saying: "carpenters only as good as his tools", it does so many things, but especially important for Forex trading. Forex tools such as RSS Forex, Forex Toolbar Forex and widget, can become indispensable to the well-equipped trading arsenal. If a trader in the Forex market trades blind with his own hands, he should […]

Forex Technical Analysis – help for beginners

If you are a new forex trader (Forex), technical analysis of Forex may seem rocket science. You can even make a mistake with this for fundamental analysis. Though both will require critical thinking, however, they have a soup & # 39 objective and a & # 39 objective located at the opposite end. Understanding how […]

Tips for your ideal tour to Egypt

Egypt planning to visit during this holiday? Well, you're on the right track. Egypt – the oldest and the perfect vacation spot. Egypt – a storehouse of very ancient cities, deserts, huge mosques, prehistoric empires and amazing destinations. Egypt, of course, with the & # 39 is a country worth visiting. From ancient tombs to […]

The greatest emotion – fear and greed

It took a few months, as the last time we wrote something. During this time, I was watching the market movement and doing all that we expect from them. We expectantly watched how the market will react to the issue of US financial and other breakage. We watched the news reflect the different events around […]