Daily Forex and Daily News

If we assume that a trader has the experience and competence, it will be their own trade Daily Forex Market. He can use the automated help only when resting, but for the most part of its bid may well be carried out "flight on the seat of his pants."

All these independent traders will have different strategies. Some will trade using just the graphics, some can simply trade on price, others will trade using the Daily News as indicators that dictate their game.

An extreme example of how the Daily News can affect daily forex market – what happened on 9 September. On that fateful morning when most Americans watched the horror unfolded in stunned silence and mistrust of the dollar began to fall in price. Currency dealers have noticed the fall and saw the news in distant lands. While they watched in horror, many of them automatically sold the dollar to other currencies and earn a lot of money. They bought the British pound or Japanese yen immediately. The dollar fell to a minimum of time and within a few days the dollar began to recover those traders who bought back a much larger dollar amount than they sold. In round numbers the dealer who has sold half a million dollars in the beginning, probably ended the millions by the time he returned the dollar.

Similarly, any bad economic news could affect the currency, causing her to fall to the other, and in that time the well-being can be made (and lost).

It is also a scenario where there is a bad political news, or news about the accident. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods can lead to fluctuations in currencies.

In fact, today almost a day goes by without any news that could unleash a currency boats.

For beginners in the forex business is not enough stupidity to start daily forex trade only on the basis of news. Here's my advice for what it takes – to get an automated system, like the one I use to explore the rope in your support, to engage in trade paper or demo trade for a few weeks and, finally, start trading small. Do not use leverage, as long as you are not very competent.