Prices and Hotwire – a comparison

Priceline and Hotwire – this is no ordinary hotel booking site. Instead of hotels and their rates were clearly visible to users for both sites you do not know which hotel you will stay until your credit card will be charged. Why would anyone use this service? Because the savings from them can be enormous. Hotels depend on Priceline and the Hotwire, to sell all of the other rooms, which otherwise would not be sold. Both sites act as a middle level between the hotels, which tend to sell unsold rooms at reduced prices and customers of hotels, which are not averse to know which hotel they will stay.

If you use Priceline, you are offering the minimum bid in the hotel. You know, in what general area you'll be staying, star level of your hotel, but not the hotel itself. If you search "strategy participation in the auction", you will find that there is a way to beat the rules of trading on Priceline. Instead, to be able to set bids for the hotel for the desired location, you can make trades virtually, if you want, as many times.

If you use the Hotwire, and do not use any trades that strategy for some may be confused, the prices are already for you. Hotwire is really more convenient for users.

Here are the pros and cons of each site:


Pros: Amazing deal. You can use the trading strategy for emergency calls. 2nd place in customer satisfaction among J.D. travel sites Power and Associates.

Cons: Not as convenient as the Hotwire, especially if you restart.


Pros: Amazing deal. Named J.D. Power and Associates as the top travel sites in terms of customer satisfaction.

Cons: This is my personal opinion, but I believe that you can get the best deals on Priceline for the simple reason that the Hotwire price is already set, unlike Priceline, where you can name your own price.