Colombia – a trip to Tyrone National Park

Colombia Tayrona National Park is located 34 km from the city of Santa Marta on the Caribbean Sea. Once the park was home to indigenous people Tyrone. The park has 12 000 hectares of land and 3000 of the sea. The park stretches along the Caribbean Sea and peradgor & # 39; pits of the Sierra Nevada. The park has an amazing amount of diversity.

A popular way to view the park – it's a hike in the park and visit the various sites along the way. Along the way there are rooms for sleeping and eating. The main places to & # 39 are Canaveral Arretsyf, La Piscine, and El Cabo. All of them are stunningly beautiful. To enter the park, you need to take a bus or taxi ride from Santa Marta to the park entrance. The first site in the campaign – this is La Piscina, about a half hour walk.

La Piscina – beach within the park. The aqueous part of the beach is well protected and relatively quiet, so she took the name of La Piscina, which in English means the pool. La Piscina – a great place for family & # 39; and to swim without worrying about the current and big waves. Therefore, it is a favorite site to visit seven & # 39; ads.

Arrecifes – another place on the beach. This is especially gorgeous beach. In Arretsyfe there are dangerous currents in the sea, so swimming is prohibited, but a fantastic view. This makes the site more desirable for viewing and photographing.

Canaveral – a popular place to visit, because it is the only place in the park, which can be reached by car. On Canaveral has a great relief types, and there are some archaeological sites. Canaveral is usually not considered a hike in the park, but it is best to visit the short bus.

El Cabo – the most beautiful beach with its amazing rock formations, and it is the most populous. Water flows there are not too strong, so it is safe for swimming. El Cabo – a beach that is the most photographed.

Along the trek there is room for sleeping and eating habits, including camping. Food and drinks in the park are usually more expensive.

In Colombia, there are many national parks that are very memorable experience and a great place to visit. The Tayrona National Park has some of the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean. This makes this park a very popular attraction for tourists and Colombians. Colombia's national parks are preserved and protected by the Government of Colombia. If you are visiting Colombia, Tyrone National Park – is a necessary attraction. To see the amazing photos of this beautiful national park, just visit: