Pearl Harbor – the memorial site, revered for CSS soldiers

Pearl Harbor – a water port on the most famous island, known as O & # 39; Ahu Hawaii. This harbor was covered mostly the surrounding area with the land and deep sea waters. For the US Pacific Fleet, this harbor with a & # 39 is headquartered. In 1941, there was an attack the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbor. The attack brought the Second World War. The attack, which occurred in this place was destroyed a lot of equipment of the army, as the 11 ships, 188 aircraft, 68 civilians and about 2403 US troops. At that time three aircraft carriers were not in this port. These three planes are safe and not damaged. In World War II the United States was marked by an attack, so the second war began with the Pacific region. This war was known as the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

The most common name of this attack – that Pearl Harbor. In 2010, this site was completed 69 years. In war, it was an attack by the Japanese and US entry. After visiting this place you can see a lot of sites that are worth seeing. Every person knows the attack this place, so every year from different places becomes a lot of tourist travel. It is ideal if you want to experience a day trip. There are about five well-known places, or, one might say, sites that are known to the & # 39 is a historical site and a & # 39 are the attraction of the island about & # 39; Ahu Hawaii. The site, where you can go, is a memorial to USS Arizona, and in this place you can see that they got bombs in 1760, which were pierced armor. At this point, you can learn the technique of war is to attack the enemy, and explore some of the historical places that are attacked.

Here comes a lot of visitors to pay homage to the brave soldiers. This Pearl Harbor, you can see the names written on the wall of the brave soldiers who lost their lives. Battleship Missouri Memorial – another historic place where the Japanese surrendered and there was an end to the Second World War. Deck deck was a memorial deck. This is a museum that exhibits three wars. It would be the best experience to spend a holiday in this beautiful place, where the United States won the war, and see how many travelers are traveling from distant countries. The museum and the park of the submarine USS Bowfin you can learn about the technology and how the battle took place under water in the sea. The Museum Pearl Harbor, you can see a variety of real guns and torpedoes, which are exhibited here. Even in the Pacific Aviation Museum, you can see the planes that were used during the war, and what types they have, because some of the & # 39 are fighter planes, while others – aircraft bombs. Another place to Pearl Harbor, which can be observed – Memorial USS Oklahoma USS.