Earn money on the honeymoon tourism market

Are you the owner of travel sites, or want to become it? honeymoon tourist market should be one of your next goals. Why?

Only in the US on honeymoon travel market is about $ 13 billion of business annually. And if that's not enough, here's something that should excite you. By 2012, as expected, the US market will break out up to 23 billion dollars annually. That's right, it will almost double in a very short period of time. The global picture is very high.

However, before you stop what you are doing, and to attack the explosive, a lucrative market in the travel industry, you need to get an education. If you're like most people, you think that a married couple 18-20-ies, just got married and went to Hawaii on a dime of their parents. This is not so. Demographics and psihagrafiya young people have changed over the years.

If you do not know your purpose, you will not get profit on their honeymoon tourism market. So what has changed? One – is the status of jobs. Over the past 20 years, women are more likely to enter the workforce and they get higher grades than before. Changed and the economy.

Today it is very common for couples to require both had a car & # 39; career. Become tougher to just leave for a couple of weeks. Escaping to overcome tradition and fly immediately after the wedding, many couples going on their honeymoon at a later time.

The bottom line is that the main purpose for the participants honeymoon tourism has changed over the past two decades. Here's a little nugget from my book profit from the honey-tourism. Young married couples are less likely to honeymoon.

I already gave you one main place for a honeymoon, Hawaii, but do you know the other major honeymoon destinations in the world? Of course, there are many unofficial "lists" out there, but the ones that are in my book – it's the real deal on the 6000 respondents uladnikami. In fact, in a recent report (one is held every year) Hawaii was not the main destination honeymoon.

On the tourist honeymoons lot of profit. The only question is whether you want it or not.