3 Catalogs in the latest blogs with free flow, which can help your blog to travel in space SEO

A good way to get your blog out there in the space of search engine optimization (SEO) – to use a directory of blogs. Blog Catalog – are sites that will distribute your blogs in different categories. Usually the best blog directories are edited by man, which means that each represented a blog is considered a person, not a robot that solves belongs to our blog in their catalog or not.

Now, not only blog directories will help get your blog to people who are interested in the topic about which you write, but they also provide strong back links and help your posts get ranked in the search engines. Also note that many people are looking for a directory of blogs to explore blogs that are similar to them.

I heard someone ask, "What are backlinks?

Contact link – a link that a website receives from another blog or static site. Backlinks can make a big impact on your site's ranking in search results. That's why they are so important to improve your SEO ranking blogs. Search engines will use their own methods to calculate ratings, using several factors to display the search results.

One of the many techniques that will help your ranking – is sending site to the directory of blogs and articles. I'm only going to focus on three catalogs, which I recently presented this blog. In another post I will talk about article directories and possibly other blog directories.

I list only those sites that I recently presented in June this year and have a convenient portal. Thus, check them out for yourself. If I continue my studies, I can post information about other later after posting their sites.


Site is easy to navigate. It makes you feel that it is "spam site." I was very surprised that a site that I have listed, was so quickly indexed. Therefore, I recommend to provide more sites.


Blogflux allows you to find on the first page that they currently have 157,056 diaries. So you'll be pleased to add your blog to the number. They emphasize the type of diaries that will not accept. This is a simple application process.


Also stupid easy to navigate. It's been a long time, so their high level of reliability. When you click on the Directory tab, their blogs are not given an opportunity to search by category. But I told them to easily contact them. So I'll let them know that this boomer concerns. I'm sure this will be fixed.

I used one of my blogs convenient forms of control system to record the directory name, user name and password, as well as a specific blog that I have provided.

If you have any other favorite blog directories, please share.