The best travel destinations in South America

South American destinations are becoming increasingly popular and offer to travel some unique environmental and cultural places of interest. We chose Latin America, because we love the food and culture of Latin America.

We started to travel to Mexico in the early 1970s, as children, before the project apartment for a million dollars … or the roads in this regard. We, the adults continued to rest in Mexico and often traveled with the children. For us it was a natural extension to move farther south to include Central America and South America in our travel plans.

There are many wonderful travel sites in South America, we include only a few of which our family & # 39; I hope to visit. All this is easy to visit by organizing a journey yourself or travel companies will have their travel packages to South America.


Visiting the Amazon is on the list of all those traveling to South America. Starting with Peru, the Amazon to the Andes down through many South American countries and in northern Brazil before dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazon – one of the most exotic places on earth, and here lives a diverse ecosystem that is home to many plants and animals. This is not the point of the trip is missed

The Galapagos Islands

Located almost 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador, the Pacific Ocean, lies the archipelago of the Galapagos – a string of 22 islands on which live many unique plants and animals found only on these islands.

Giant tortoises, unique marine iguanas, blue Bobby, neletayuchyya cormorants and penguins Galapagaskaga – are just some of the unique creatures that you will find on the islands and in the seas around the islands.

Access to the island is controlled by the Government of Ecuador, and the most popular way to visit – through approved tour operators. They offer a variety of different excursions, and they will have something that matches your interests, time and budget.

Machu Picchu

For those who are sent to Peru, Machu Picchu will definitely be on your itinerary, as it is the most visited tourist destination in Peru. These ruins of the Inca is located about 8,000 feet, on the top of a steep mountain overlooking the Urubamba River.

Informed about the & # 39; a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1983, Machu Picchu was built around 1460 and was an important city of the Inca civilization. Lovely beauty and spirituality of sites attract visitors from around the world.

lake Titicaca

Another popular tourist attraction in Peru & # 39 is Tsitykaka lake, the largest in South America and is believed to have been the origin of the Inca Empire. The lake is 12,500 feet above sea level, 122 miles wide and 35 miles.

According to mythology Inca, Manco Capac and Mama 0cllo came from the depths of the lake to the sacred rock gate on the Isla del Sol, to found the Inca Empire. The most famous island in the lake – it's floating reed islands, which are supported by the addition of fresh rushes to the surface, even if degraded bottom.

Iguazu Falls

All of which I spoke, that visited these falls, tell me that this is a must see. At the border between Argentina and Brazil Falls Falls more than twice the width of Niagra Falls, as well as above.

Presentation are protected as the Argentine and Brazilian national parks on either side of the falls, and themselves fall from the & # 39 are part of the ecosystem of virgin jungle.

2/3 falls falls on the Argentine side, and there you can find tours of the National Park and hiking in the jungle.

Whatever your interest, for the South American travel destinations that corresponds to your interests. The next time you are planning a family vacation or a long trip, consider the options offered by the South America.