Life hacking for the modern traveler

Traveling for many is always a nightmare. As a modern traveler needs to know how to travel peacefully to get a nice rest. This means that you need to know how to pack luggage, do not bother to make your mobility affordable. Gadgets help us very much, and for some of us, it must be transported, but what happens when your Internet connection is limited or does not even exist? So here you have a couple of major hacking theft for you to help you to travel easily, whether you are traveling by land, sea or air.

roll clothing

Instead, to make clothing, then roll it into long tubes. This will not only prevent the addition, but you find that you can fit more in your suitcase, as folded clothes takes up less space.

Tip: The socks can be rolled into balls and then put in the shoe for added space saving.


Create digital backup copies of all important documents that you will need for the trip, including passports, reservation confirmations, planting, etc., to have shut down in the event of loss or theft.


Incase multiply one adapter for all devices, not several different chargers. If you are traveling abroad, pack an extension cord so you can simultaneously drive multiple items using a foreign adapter.

Tip: Most modern TVs have a rear USB ports, ideal if you forget the times & # 39; the amount of the charger.

Check the WI-FI

Take some time before you go in search of hot spots and WI-FI free zone WI-FI. Thus, you can always connect to the Internet when in your hotel or cottage there is WI-FI, or pay a lot for it.


Before you go, use the Foursquare, to find your wireless network password for all the different sites Wi-Fi, you will find. People constantly transfer the passwords on these travel websites that make your life easier after arrival.


When booking online, be it flight, cruise, hotel or anything else, clear your browser cache, or use the anonymous browser window. Booking sites often raise prices if they know that you've been there before.

credit card

If you are traveling abroad or going to long stay at home, call the company that issues credit cards and inform. So they do not think that your card stolen and not to cancel it for you.

If you follow these tips, you can easily move from your travels and enjoy your holiday peacefully.