Mechanical forex trading systems – The fatal flaw of all Forex robots, causing loss

You will see on the Internet a lot of mechanical Forex trading systems, and they are more name calling themselves Forex robots or expert, they sell for a hundred dollars, and so, and effortlessly bring you profit, but all have one fatal mistake that turns accounts users. to dust – a look at him.

The problem with Forex cheap robots is that they require a large income, but never made a real-time, and none of them can produce verified audience over the long term to provide backup applications that they are before the & # 39 ; am.

They either simply say that we have achieved profits and inserted statements of account, or produce meaningless simulations going backwards knowing all the closing prices. Of course, if you know where he was every high and low, it is easy to make money, but in a living Forex trading you do not know this key information!

I have seen almost all Forex robots, and when you look at them, the algorithm usually crude, traded for a short period of time, and because the system has been bent to fit the data back to profit, a region that suffers, money management; the result of real-time bidding for a user & # 39 is the rapid removal of the equity.

A pleasant fantasy: to pay a hundred dollars, and near it, making money during sleep, play golf, etc., but it is nothing more than a dream; in fact, you do not earn money in a market where 95% of traders fail. You can win at Forex trading, but you need to learn the skills, and the good news is anyone can learn to trade quickly and get on the road to a great second or even income that is changing the lives of as little as 30 minutes a day.

Make the effort and you will be well rewarded, not force and hold and win with a manual Forex trading system, and you lose – it's that simple.