Getting enjoyment from open sites in Amsterdam

As the capital and most populous city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam & # 39 is a key place to visit, especially in spring, summer and autumn months. Booking a room in a city hotel in Amsterdam, be sure to choose one that place you right in the center of the action.

One of the best things you can do in this beautiful city – is to wander on foot and explore places. Although many excellent museums, sometimes just walking will find much urban identity. You will certainly appreciate the rich architectural history of Amsterdam; Localization city hotels themselves can be completely architectural gems. Spend some time exploring channels and go to the famous flower market, to pass the time in the city.


Although the city itself is not so old, when compared to others in Europe or even in the Netherlands, when you get out of a city hotel in Amsterdam, you can not help but be inspired by the amazing architecture. You can visit the oldest wooden building in the city, hat X & # 39; yuton X & # 39; SW, which was built around 1425. See how you go, and took special attention to the building of the Gothic style, as it both banks still somehow combined. with gables of Renaissance style of neighboring buildings built during the XVI century. When you go, you'll also see fine examples of baroque, art nouveau, art deco and art nouveau.


Not far from the lobby of any city hotel in Amsterdam colorful channels, perhaps with & # 39 are its most beautiful feature. Built on the basis of a conscious and careful urban planning, channels & # 39 are neodymium & # 39; emnay makeup of the city. In the center is more than 100 kilometers channel 1500 bridges and islands 90, forming a concentric ring. In 2010, the channel area of ​​the 17th century has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three main channels were made for urban and external channel constructed for controlling water and defensive purposes.

flower market

As the world's only floating flower market, you just have to come and visit this beautiful site if you are staying near the hotel in the city of Amsterdam. Bloemenmarkt, founded in 1862, floats on the channel between Singelskim Muntpleynam and Koningspleynam. Here you will find a huge number of tulips and other flowers and, in winter, Christmas flowers and plants. It is also possible to export the bulbs, so you can take home with them the flowers home, to restore the beauty market.