It has a 2 week trip to Egypt

If you are a lover of adventure and you have only two weeks in his hand to make a trip, you should definitely consider Egypt an ideal place. Despite the fact that this place has about 5000 years, tours of Egypt still allow you to view its main attractions throughout the period from 10 to 14 days. The best thing about Egypt is that it has 7 different UNESCO sites, including 6 Cultural about & # 39 objects and nature of the & # 39; an object, which is obviously a & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznay reason to attract tourists around the world.

The route, which should go for 2 weeks in Egypt

Day 1 – Arrival in Cairo

If you are an American citizen and want to experience the tours to Egypt, you need to come to Cairo International Airport in Egypt. Cairo – Var & # 39; yat and the vast city. Thus, important for you to relax in the hotel booking, and rest for a while.

Day 2 Cheops Khafre, Valley Temple, Memphis, and Pyramid steppe

Today you have a trip to Egypt from Giza. Here you will find three magic pyramid of Cheops at Khafre. Later, you should look forward to get to the Great Sphinx. After that you will visit the Valley of the Temples associated with the pyramid of Khafre. Now, in the afternoon, on Egypt tours take you to the ancient old capital of Egypt at Memphis named. In addition, you will view walking Saqqara pyramid, designed Chancellor King Zhosera named Imhotep.

3rd day trip to Wadi Al-Hitan

On the third day the tourists will visit the famous UNESCO site, named Wafi Al-Hitan, known as the Valley of whales. The site has more than a hundred skeletons of China and the dramatic formation of older rocks. After that in the afternoon you padnyatsesya the famous mountain Mudavara and thus get a breathtaking view. Especially, you will find two huge freshwater lakes connected with waterfalls Egypt Wadi El Ryan.

4-day tour of Cairo

Today, you will enjoy the beauties of the historic Cairo, on the UNESCO website. In particular, you will visit the Egyptian Museum to see the famous treasures of Tutankhamen, and about 120,000 of fascinating works of art. On the same day, you will enjoy the famous monuments of the synagogue of Ben Ezra and Vishachy Church in Old Cairo. Moreover, you should spend your free time in the old bazaar in the Middle East under the name of Khan el-Khalili Bazaar.

5th day – a strange trip to Alexandria

Now it's your tour of Egypt will take you to Alexandria, where your first stop will be Pompeyev post, and then visit the Catacombs, recognized as the largest cemeteries from the Roman period. Later you will see Citadel Qaitbay, created on the ancient site of Alexandria Foros.

Day 6 – Visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor

You will start your day, take a flight to Luxor and a cruise to take a tour to Luxor and the Temple of Karnak in Luxor.

7-Day Sightseeing West Bank of Luxor

Today you will visit the ancient temples and tombs on the West Bank of Luxor, ie Colossus of Memnon and Hatshepsut Temple, known as the famous Valley of the Kings.

Day 8 – Excursion to the church choir and double temple of Kom Ombo

The day will begin with a visit to the temple of sorrows, which is located in Edfu, and then otplyvot to visit the unusual double temple dedicated to the god crocodile named Sobek and the Falcon God, ie, Hararysu in combos.

9 th day – Visit the Aswan High Dam

Today you will visit the famous Aswan dam, which controls floods the world's largest river called the River Nile.

10 day trip to Abu Simbel

Before returning to Cairo, you visit another UNESCO site in Egypt, that is, Abu Simbel.

11-day Return to Cairo

You finish the tour in Egypt, departure back to Cairo International Airport, and move to the birthplace of the United States.