Life hacking for the modern traveler


Traveling for many is always a nightmare. As a modern traveler needs to know how to travel peacefully to get a nice rest. This means that you need to know how to pack luggage, do not bother to make your mobility affordable. Gadgets help us very much, and for some of us, it must be transported, but what happens when your Internet connection is limited or does not even exist? So here you have a couple of major hacking theft for you to help you to travel easily, whether you are traveling by land, sea or air.

roll clothing

Instead, to make clothing, then roll it into long tubes. This will not only prevent the addition, but you find that you can fit more in your suitcase, as folded clothes takes up less space.

Tip: The socks can be rolled into balls and then put in the shoe for added space saving.


Create digital backup copies of all important documents that you will need for the trip, including passports, reservation confirmations, planting, etc., to have shut down in the event of loss or theft.


Incase multiply one adapter for all devices, not several different chargers. If you are traveling abroad, pack an extension cord so you can simultaneously drive multiple items using a foreign adapter.

Tip: Most modern TVs have a rear USB ports, ideal if you forget the times & # 39; the amount of the charger.

Check the WI-FI

Take some time before you go in search of hot spots and WI-FI free zone WI-FI. Thus, you can always connect to the Internet when in your hotel or cottage there is WI-FI, or pay a lot for it.


Before you go, use the Foursquare, to find your wireless network password for all the different sites Wi-Fi, you will find. People constantly transfer the passwords on these travel websites that make your life easier after arrival.


When booking online, be it flight, cruise, hotel or anything else, clear your browser cache, or use the anonymous browser window. Booking sites often raise prices if they know that you've been there before.

credit card

If you are traveling abroad or going to long stay at home, call the company that issues credit cards and inform. So they do not think that your card stolen and not to cancel it for you.

If you follow these tips, you can easily move from your travels and enjoy your holiday peacefully.


Why waste your time on forex reviews?


Forex trading requires a lot of time and money, most of willpower. You can have all the time and money to invest in trade, but if you have all that it takes to be successful in this area? You do not need to be an expert before you can participate in the trade. Benefits are available in stores and on the Internet that can make the trade quick and painless. This can give you a little push, how to start or where to start. In addition, a review of Forex Trading can also be your assistant during trading hours.

Sometimes you can even find an overview Fx Trading even more useful than the electronic books for which you need to spend a lot of money before you get it. These reviews are free and you will also learn from it the same thing as e-books and other materials can give you. You can get advice from people who have been doing this kind of business, and learn from the experts with the help of these reviews. Surveys of the sites are intended to teach traders how to identify the real resources on Forex trading from the scam. In this you will also learn where you can get free training and seminars on forex, forex and forex forums. It is open to all people who are interested in Forex trading.

Fraud – is something with which we have to face, especially when dealing with online transactions. Still better to read reviews, forums fair opinion and met with a real experience of Forex traders, brokers and other interested people. Overview Fx Trading will show you the reality that lies behind Forex – what you can not find in books.


Family cruise discounts, Fact or Fiction?


Many believe that cruises with family discounts – this is not just a myth. This group, as a rule, inexperienced, infrequent traveler. If you are interested in ordering a cruise for a family vacation, you should ignore this popular myth. Considering that the family discount cruises do not exist, it can cost you a lot of money.

Drop myth. Family cruise discounts do exist and to save families thousands of dollars while enjoying a fantastic, fun vacation on the wonderful luxury cruise ships.

Regardless of the economy, people are looking for discounts, deals and other ways to reduce the cost of your holiday. Today, smart shoppers use coupons and other special offers to save money on goods and services. These same shoppers who want to save money on products and other retail goods, can save a lot of money when booking a cruise vacation.

When booking the family circle off, there are several different options. Before deciding on the next cruise, you should investigate each of them. You'll be surprised how many discounts on cruise ships there.

The most popular and easiest way to find discounts on a wide range of family cruises and vacations – this is just one mouse click.

Just do a Google search for "Family cruise discounts" or "Kryzhanyya cruises" and you will find a lot of resources.

Caveat Emptor!

Do not take hasty decisions. Detain any orders until they have exhausted all available options. At your disposal is a variety of resources and you have to spend your time to explore all of them.

Sites with discounts for travel to popular search discounts for cruise and other holidays. Some well-known travel sites – Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. As for the sites for travel, you are encouraged to fully exhaust the search, before giving them your personal information.

Some people are comfortable to handle cruise line directly, especially if they want to make a cruise at the last minute. One word of caution here. Remember that a cruise is not booked your cruise. They always refer you to contact a professional travel agents.

If you belong to a club, you have to investigate any transaction that they have to offer. In addition to providing roadside assistance, car clubs offer special deals on a wide range of travel for recreation. Another distinguished membership club regularly offers great deals to senior citizens.

One alternative for the study of family discount cruises from the & # 39 is to work with a professional travel agents. Travelers who are working with professional agents do it for personal attention and service that is not available on the websites of travel and membership clubs. These professional travel agents work locally and online.

Another myth about travel is that travel agents rates higher than their online competitors. This is not true.

This myth is completely unfounded experience. Professional travel agents industry controls a large number of travelers, and because of their enormous purchasing power they do get preferential treatment from each supplier of travel.

Cruise lines rely on the profession of agents to get more clients from these agents. In fact, some well established and well-respected travel companies get incredible deals that are not available the general public.

With a bit of time, research and professional help, you can easily find many cruises with low price.

Why you do not miss the fun and a cruise, if you already know that there are a lot of family cruise cruises.

You just need to know where to find them.


What is bitcoin? Short and informative guide


Kryptovalyuta that continues to fascinate the world, the first of its kind, bitcoin was once quite stylish king genius who sought to defend the philosophy of maximum autonomy, but bitcoin tried famous broad promises. consumer base. However, for the consumer it remains ignorant request. Thus, specifically, what is bitcoin? Some really has unraveled this excessively fluctuates cryptocurrency. Is created and stored in electronic form, bitcoin is actually a & # 39 is a form of digital currency. The network can not be controlled by someone, decentralized currency. She & # 39 came into being in 2009 as the invention of a man with the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto. Using P2P technology, the Bitcoin has a distinctive and flexible function to reach all those who are interested. His worldwide recognition – a feature that increases its popularity.

Without accountability to anyone, bitcoins are quite unique. Bitcoins have sovereign rights, and they are not printed clandestinely in any bank, not mined, they are made in numerical order large number of people involved in the colossal network or community. miners generally use huge computing power and mining bitcoin involved a lot of competition. Computers are working to solve complex mathematical problems. The rival miners also have the opportunity to earn Bitcoins on this process, only solving the problem. Although the level of complexity of these problems every day becomes intense. Transactions in the network Bitcoin ruthless and relentless, and records of these transactions is quite systematic. Bitcoin network keeps it methodically, because over time all transactions are collected in a block. It is assumed that the miners check transactions, and all transferred to the general ledger, which is simply a set of blocks, which are called blockchain. Blockchain actually holds the key to the details of any transactions made at different addresses Bitcoin.

Integration bitkoynav in people's lives – it is the most desirable case. This can be achieved quite easily by from & # 39; appearance exchanges. Fans of Bitcoin may be a great choice, if they want to buy this digital currency. Exchange on Bitcoin allows consumers to buy and sell Bitcoins using fiat currencies. Exchange there in abundance, but initially Mt. Gox to collapse was the most popular and widely used. With exchanges consumers can buy or sell Bitcoin via wire transfer, cash payment or payment by credit / debit card. Exchange offers real-time and secure trading platform. Enthusiasm and tireless Var & # 39; yatstva always accompanies bitcoins. With numerous enthusiasts who want to trade Bitcoins, a young currency and all admiration for the environment, it seems to grow a little every day. All the knowledge associated with it seem as important as the currency itself. The value of an autonomous project "Bitcoin wiki" do not be denied. It will serve as a fount of knowledge for Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide.


How to get free travel guides for the USA!


Are you planning a trip and want to know how to get free travel guides for the USA? Do not worry, there are many places that are willing to help you and may even help you with your plans. All you need to do – is to know where you are going and how you plan to get there. And if you're still not sure where you want to travel, you can still get all the necessary resources for free. Here are some of the best places to look for information about planning your vacation!

1. Insurance Agency:

Many companies provide the resources and tourist brochures to help you in implementing your plans. If you are a & # 39; a member of the company, which provides services for travel, ask your agent or local representative, if they give you free tourist guides for the United States.

2. Travel Agencies:

Travel agents are motivated to provide you with their services and often offer free resources to help you. If you know someone in the travel industry, they can often help you find what you need.

3. State the travel agency:

Each state operates a travel agency to sell their state as a tourist destination for tourists. They are more than willing to provide you with free materials to any place that you would like to visit their country. Many even offer guides and visitors about their condition packages. They are a great resource for free travel guides for the USA. You can find their contact information on public sites.

4. Hotels:

Many hotels provide books to the local tourist sites and activities. Some will also provide information to the counties and regions of the state. All this material free of charge as a courtesy to the guests. You will often find this information booths, located in the hotel lobby, you are visiting.

5. Internet sites:

Of course, the best place to search for the information you need on the Internet. There are literally hundreds of websites that can provide what you are looking for, and all free of charge. All you need to know is where you want to go, or at least the area that you are interested in visiting. You can order free travel guides for the USA in any of the companies listed on the network, but it is best to stick to national or state travel agency, who are more motivated to free tourism advertising.

Publications Travel also offer a freebie on the Internet as a way to get you to visit their site and possibly purchase other books and materials in their company. Look at the websites and find out they offer brochures to help you plan your trip. There are many ways to get the information you need. All you need to do is ask!


What is Forex trading signals and how can you use them?


Forex trading for many can be a very zastrashnay, especially due to an overload of information. Even experienced traders work for many hours on the charts and the rooms every day, just to understand the data they receive. In order to make accurate entries and exits from the trade, they spend countless hours on the charts, news on the market speculation, the analysis, the global market economy and more.

What if you continue to receive signals every day to do the right trade moves without spending so much time and effort?

Forex trading signals at:

Trading signals are more similar to the ongoing management of an experienced trader. Signals that they provide on a daily basis, indicate a good entry and exit points. You can customize your deal on these items and begin to work with other works. Signals "Buying and selling of" automatically start your trading activity.

You can receive alerts on their mobile phones, computers, tabs, etc. With proper and timely signals known traders, you are likely to make more winning moves. It is also a perfect solution for those people who are usually drawn up to the time.

How to generate signals?

Alarms caused by signals that are always based on a substantive technical analysis of the existing foreign exchange market. Signals are sent after a thorough analysis of parameters, market trends, and many other financial signals.

You will need to subscribe to the daily Forex signals from any of the known traders or trading firms, and then receive daily from them valuable information.

Why is it good to subscribe to Forex Signals?

There is not so easy in trading on the Forex market, as it may seem. You will learn a lot of things, to understand the basics of how the market works. For a new trader phrases such as Bollinger bands, MACD, Simple Moving Average, indicators, oscillators, candlestick charts, etc., may be simply convincing.

One of the main reasons why people want to lose money on forex, is that they do not have the time and patience to learn all the things needed to make intelligent trading decisions. Why would you want to risk, if experienced traders working on part of the market analysis?

So you can skip the hard part of trading and get right into the winning circle. However, make sure you take a good look Forex signal providers before deciding to subscribe to the other.


Be aware of how internet marketing will benefit you in your travel business


Tourism – one of the leading and most popular businesses, and travel – one of the main and most important sectors. Basically, without a rapid tourist development of business tourism is not to become the most dynamic sector of the world. In addition, innovations, especially internet marketing, – the path to high achievement.

If you are looking to dismiss the tourist organization, it is very important for you to be productive with the labeling and advertising on the Internet and word of mouth. As bloodthirsty travel industry, it is important to have an attractive logo and something critical. In fact, the tourist industry – one of the earliest, published in the Internet.

nature of the business lay in an ideal world, a smart move on the Internet. As travel has a pair of topographic constraints, convenience of electronic tickets, the registration of the Internet, the opportunity to book rides online, in touch with associations of travelers on the internet and so on can be judged because of the constant development. Internet Marketing.

Below, other advantages of internet marketing are as follows:

long-term marketing

The result of internet marketing durable and lasting, if to contrast the other marketing programs. On the very likely that the business uses SEO-services using appropriate keywords, it will be on the first page in a web crawler for a while and more. Internet can become a web sensation with the help of articles, e-mail, video, audio, and so on in the advertising efforts on the Internet that allow people to study or identify information with videos, articles for a long time. A few cases of video marketing that have become viral, include IKEA.

A wider audience

Internet marketing offers the most rapid access to potential customers, spreading the word about a product, service, or a new campaign. It offers advertisers and businesses to reach a wide number of target customers or individuals as a whole, covering large geographic regions and the world. Internet marketing is financially savvy in light of the fact that there are no logistical costs, rent for office space, labor payment rates and / or fees for groups of transactions, and so on. Internet marketing can attract a lot of traffic to the sites for travel and instantly switches to customers.

Update your business online

Internet marketing in this time in all areas of business is changing or is struggling with traditional marketing business. In this era of high technology, many businesses and organizations are engaged in direct marketing, business listings, business directories, radio advertising, and so on. Satellite multichannel TV – extremely well-known and one of the best media for business promotion. Currently, however, Internet marketing has been one of the most important vehicles for the promotion of business, especially in the hospitality industry, travel industry, insurance industry, and so on.

target audience

Choosing keywords privileges can be difficult when you start Internet marketing to get the search results in web search engines. Administrator of tourists, hotels, tourism organizations, airlines and so on organizations and companies need to have the attractive content that will constantly visit visitor and to translate them into the transaction. On the very likely that you are focused on directly to customers from around the world, and then make sure that you set up advertising, focusing on the dialect of your target persons. For example, you can choose a dialect of advertising & # 39; ads or even your content to be translated to the one about which they talk.

Contact with a global audience

Web advertising has several drawbacks compared to the traditional business marketing. In Internet marketing, you can target client from the local region around the world. You can reach millions of customers through Internet marketing. In the online marketing world is your commercial center. Thus, the greater will be the scope of the market and more likely to get a new customer to your business.


Internet Marketing & # 39 is financially efficient in comparison with other existing marketing companies. In fact, you can even use Internet marketing for your business without spending money to create articles about your business, advertising in online networks and so on. With this in mind, it is regarded as the least expensive means of business promotion. One of the web marketing revenues – the next customer. You can effectively track customer can think about it and the practice of buying different items on your site.

relevant information

Technology is changing the pace so fast that people also appear to be more prudent in the art. More and more people are permanently deployed on the Internet, looking for information, products and services. Information – a broad service that people are constantly looking to give her a choice of swimming, travel plans and other relevant information. At that time, when a business goes online, he can get the market areas in the world. Accordingly, online advertising helps you to expand business worldwide.

You can have your own opinion about the benefits in your daily life see your travel industry or any of you. It is cool to share with me. Hope to hear from you.


Secrets of currency trading system – Part 1


Many traders fantasize about a trading system or a technical indicator that can capture every zig and vices on the market. The idea is very n & # 39; Yana, but, sorry, bad news media, it is simply not the case. Please do not zastrelvaytse messenger!

Despite all the marketing hype all over the Internet, no system, no light can not do everything.

Have you ever tried to adjust the car? Well, if you did, you certainly do not use just one tool. Depending on the machine to do the job, it took a whole bunch of specialized tools. Not only that, you also need to know how to use the tools and when to use them.

Attempting to draw a regular income from any of the market – this is the way to. This will require a lot of specialized tools, and for most traders, technical analysis provides our tool palette.

Since the market may ziggats and die at any time, we need it "Tool Box for trading" a full technical analysis tools.

For example, if in the commercial market is the range, then oscillating indicators It works very well.

However, if the market has the tendency, the oscillator is not worth beans heap. If the market is trending, things such as moving averages, with the & # 39 is one of the "choice of instruments".

Returning to the car analogy … If your car is not running properly, your mechanic pops up on a diagnostic machine that quickly explains what the problem is. Then it's simply a matter of drawing the necessary tools and parts for the situation.

When it comes to trade, the bottom line is that if you can not diagnose the current market, it is likely that you will be ill prepared and lose money.

In this post I'm going to share the strategy, which will help you much better read (diagnosis) on the market. This, in turn, will ensure the proper use of the trading system and technical analysis tools to do the job.

Equipment System Development 1

You need to find the market or time frame that best fit your trading system.

Let's use my program of commercial secrets as a real example. In this program, I want to look at a specific example of a candlestick, stohastyki indicator and a number of formations diagrams. This creates a unique system that helps me capitalize on numerous trading on all markets, including Forex, f & # 39; yuchersy and promotions.

Although I find countless deals with this program, it does not mean that it will work equally well in all situations. Let me explain …

Let's say I want to trade stocks on a daily basis. I can see the 15-minute chart and notice Microsoft not so much a situation where my system is configured. Just going to say, 5, 10 or 30 minutes, I can find some great options. But if Microsoft for any reason, it seems, does not produce a reduced number of transactions for my system, I'll just look for other promotions to get more opportunities.

Let's look at an example in forex trading. Say you have developed a strategy that looks promising. You have a lot of currency pairs to see which ones contain the most options, as dictated by your trading methodology.

Let's look at another example. Say you are a trader's position and use daily schedule. If you do not find a lot of shopping options, all of a sudden you can find a stock of them, looking at the 2-day or weekly schedule. You can even jump down on the four-hour schedule to get another point of view.

Once you have found a few good candidates, you need to go to the …

Technique system of 2

A sufficient number of these commercial settings for your system Only half of the equation.

You will need to trade markets that follow! In other words, as soon as they launch your entry, they begin to move with a lot of speed in the right direction. I can not stress enough, momentum is something that puts money in your account. Without this, you will get a small profit and get beaten in difficult market conditions.

Transactions that have a lot of turns, will show price bars that are basically increases the maximum highs and higher lows. The trend of decreasing, you'll have mostly lower highs and lower lows.

In a strong trend, bars are also prone to closure upper third their range. The strong downward trend they basically closed lower third Bars range.

When viewing my candlesticks I would also like to see the superiority of green candles in the trend and a lot of red candlesticks in the trend.

So to do it all together …

Step 1: First find a suitable time frame in which there is a fairly broad trading options, depending on your strategy

Step 2: Make sure that when you start trading you will see signs of strong momentum and move on

If you do not see signs of strong momentum, then the chances of the market will be bad, and you want to avoid like the plague, so how to make money much more difficult. Loose markets also force you to stop.

By performing the above steps, you will get a small group, "the cream," a stock of goods, currency, etc .. So you will spend the entire energy fully into markets that will give you the greatest chance of success.

And the last thing to note … Markets change, so you need to constantly assess, it is still your favorite stocks, currencies and commodities behave identically. If not, you need to look for the best terms or enters a new market.


3 Catalogs in the latest blogs with free flow, which can help your blog to travel in space SEO


A good way to get your blog out there in the space of search engine optimization (SEO) – to use a directory of blogs. Blog Catalog – are sites that will distribute your blogs in different categories. Usually the best blog directories are edited by man, which means that each represented a blog is considered a person, not a robot that solves belongs to our blog in their catalog or not.

Now, not only blog directories will help get your blog to people who are interested in the topic about which you write, but they also provide strong back links and help your posts get ranked in the search engines. Also note that many people are looking for a directory of blogs to explore blogs that are similar to them.

I heard someone ask, "What are backlinks?

Contact link – a link that a website receives from another blog or static site. Backlinks can make a big impact on your site's ranking in search results. That's why they are so important to improve your SEO ranking blogs. Search engines will use their own methods to calculate ratings, using several factors to display the search results.

One of the many techniques that will help your ranking – is sending site to the directory of blogs and articles. I'm only going to focus on three catalogs, which I recently presented this blog. In another post I will talk about article directories and possibly other blog directories.

I list only those sites that I recently presented in June this year and have a convenient portal. Thus, check them out for yourself. If I continue my studies, I can post information about other later after posting their sites.


Site is easy to navigate. It makes you feel that it is "spam site." I was very surprised that a site that I have listed, was so quickly indexed. Therefore, I recommend to provide more sites.


Blogflux allows you to find on the first page that they currently have 157,056 diaries. So you'll be pleased to add your blog to the number. They emphasize the type of diaries that will not accept. This is a simple application process.


Also stupid easy to navigate. It's been a long time, so their high level of reliability. When you click on the Directory tab, their blogs are not given an opportunity to search by category. But I told them to easily contact them. So I'll let them know that this boomer concerns. I'm sure this will be fixed.

I used one of my blogs convenient forms of control system to record the directory name, user name and password, as well as a specific blog that I have provided.

If you have any other favorite blog directories, please share.


Forex – Trade reports on remuneration with nefermernay economy for super profit


Many investors who trade on the foreign exchange market (FOREX), trade only during or around the time of issuance of the wage report with the US nefermernyh farms (NFP). They are attracted by the volatility of currencies – particularly the majors related to the US dollar – which occur at this time. Investors who rely on this or other financial news events for their trading activities, called the news traders. Many people using other trading methods, be sure to include the NFP in their trading calendar. Let's find out why so many traders are interested in this report.

NFP comes out once a month, usually on the first Friday at 8:30 am, according to New York time. On occasion, he will come on the second Friday of the month, not the first, but always in the same hour of the day. US Department of Labor is responsible for the preparation and release of the report, which is kept secret until it's officially time to release. The report contains data on unemployment in the US economy neselgasarganizatsyyah. By the way, other industrial countries also publish some commonality of this type of reporting. Simply put, if the figures published in the NFP, constitute serious & # 39; major revision of earlier estimates, the market reaction is likely to be quite clear.

The reaction to the expected NFP data from traders around the world, in terms of the activity of buying and selling, as a rule, leads to the fact that the value of the US dollar is jumping up and down. This usually occurs from the moment the report is made public. Sometimes spike occurs early, ie within a minute just before leaving at 8:30. Although less common, it was also observed that the spike can be held up to 15 or 20 minutes after the release of the report.

Other regular financial reports can also change the price of the currency, but not as consistently dramatic and dynamic, as the NFP results. Over the past few years, the range of movement of the US dollar as a result of NFP is usually from 50 to 90 points in the same general direction. Retrieving repeated, ie the price movement back to the initial cost, often provide additional trading opportunities. Many traders feel the yield in the range of 5 to 20 percent only for this report.

Why NFP stands out for its ability to move the market? NFP is published by the US government as an official statement of what makes the US economy. Based on the content of the report, the measurement of the country's health is considered in terms of its employment. Many scientists and traders consider the employment situation in the country as a leading indicator of how in this country economically. If the employment situation is grim, so it should be and the general economy. The weak economy is always bad news for the currency of this country.

It is necessary to recognize and appreciate that the US dollar has always aroused great interest among traders around the world. As is well known, its liquidity, the relative stability and the support of the world's largest economy (at least, as long as China does not take place the first place, as expected in 2026), green market is often accepted as payment for goods and services worldwide. world. This is true even when it is not the official currency in the jurisdiction. This is one of the few against the currencies, which is called a "hard currency" in the global financial sector. He is always in the spotlight as a global player.

Recently there has been a weakening of the US dollar compared to other currencies. Undoubtedly, global events, including the US involvement in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have contributed to the gloomy view, which is shared by some relative value of the dollar. On the other hand, some see it as a good opportunity for large and small corporations in the US to export goods and services to other countries. This can lead to recovery of the dollar in the long run.

a variety of strategies to take advantage of market prices upward trend to rapid NFP news release have been developed. As might be expected, some strategies work better than others. More and more manufacturers and programmers design and sell automated software for traders who are interested in a fast-paced environment, coupled with the release of NFP. The price range for such software may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Of course, manual trade NFP can still be successful, as proven many traders. Regardless of the method and strategy, many in the world of commerce will continue to pay attention to the NFP release and use it as one of the greatest regular and recurring opportunities for trade on the FOREX market.